• Show as tree

    It is a visual representation of attributes and attribute values in the form of a tree.

  • Drag-and-drop sorting

    Now, the attributes and groups can be sorted by dragging the mouse.

  • Defragmentation

    Defragment attributes and groups. Preparing the group for parsing.

  • Easy editing

    Easy editing of attributes, values and groups. Batch editing. Adding, deleting attributes and groups.

  • Search

    Search attributes and values. Full text search, by regular expression, by fuzzy coincidence.

  • Delete empty

    Empty attribute values can be deleted.

  • Drag-and-drop technology

    Using the mouse to drag and drop the attributes or groups.

  • Duty templates

    Ability to specify the duty template for each attribute. And fill with this template when added to the product.

  • Merge duplicates

    Merge attribute duplicates without loosing links.


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Attribut&co can run on version OpenCart:

Attribut&co is a protected program. For it to work you need to install ionCube Loader on the hosting. Version 5.0 or greater of the ionCube Loader is required for the encoded files to run.

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